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When Stress Starts

We all have an innate ability to feel good about ourselves and understand what is best for our well-being. In the face of life's challenges, however, we can sometimes begin to doubt our resilience and capabilities. We might also start to feel dissatisfied with different aspects of our lives including relationships, pleasurable activities and careers.

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The counseling relationship provides support, encouragement, hope and healing.

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We can learn to feel at home within ourselves and with others.

How Stress Affects Us

When stressful experiences occur, people often tell me that they have lost their way, can no longer see options and feel stuck. Others I work with are burdened by worries and miss a sense of ease in their daily living. Many clients long for better relationships with those who are important to them. I also work with clients who share that they cannot trust themselves or others. Some individuals want to regain their inspiration for goals they have long neglected. And there are those who just want a little coaching to help them through one of life's many transitions. You might have had similar feelings. Or perhaps you are considering counseling for different reasons. No matter what your reason is for seeking help, I look forward to working with you on your journey.

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