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An Individualized Approach

Each of us has had experiences that hold individualized meaning. I appreciate this uniqueness among people and therefore encourage clients to teach me about their specific needs, beliefs, and circumstances. As I gain a more complete understanding, I tailor treatment to reflect personal preferences for learning and implementing new skills. Throughout our counseling relationship, I invite my clients to share their experience of the process so that we can identify what works best for them as they move forward.

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Within the counseling relationship, finding solutions is a shared experience. We walk the journey together.
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The experiences that shape each one of us require an individualized approach to treatment.

We Work Together

This collaborative process helps individuals feel respected and valued. I strongly believe that the validation I provide helps my clients move forward because they gain trust in themselves and more fully appreciate their own potential. As they do, they find the willingness to try supportive skills that lead to new options. When individuals recognize that they have options they develop hope for the future and are able to overcome obstacles and experience fulfillment.

Clients are not alone in learning from this collaborative effort. It has been my sincere privilege to experience that we are always learning from each other. Each individual teaches me something more about the creativity, perseverance and courage that exists in all of us.

Together we can concentrate on the treatment focus that will provide the most benefit to you.

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