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Creating Positive Change

The counseling process can be a springboard to creating the life you want. Through this process, you will gain various skills that support your efforts toward positive change. When clients want better relationships at work or in their personal lives, for example, we address how to improve communication and explore relationship dynamics. Our counseling relationship also enhances individual self-awareness, paving the way to fulfilling experiences with others.

A group of friends playing volleyball on the beach
Find pleasure being with others by exploring relationship dynamics.
Middle-aged woman smiling with two younger women in the background
Experience the richness of your life.
Young couple meditating while sitting back-to-back
Learn to manage unwanted emotions.

Overcoming Obstacles

If you feel stuck and have difficulty seeing options, we will work together toward self-discovery and flexible thinking. I will help you acknowledge your personal strengths and values, increasing your creative capacity for finding solutions. As a result of this collaborative effort, you will move more smoothly through transitions, feeling inspired and more confident.

Finding Peace Within

At times, uncomfortable emotions might keep you or others from gaining pleasure and satisfaction from life. In order to help clients obtain relief, I use a variety of skills that reduce or contain such emotions. These skills also help soothe and calm disturbing physical sensations such as agitation, anxiety, or panic. After working on these skills, clients share that they are proud of how much they accomplish and enjoy the freedom to participate more fully in their lives.

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