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I offer a collaborative and holistic approach to adult counseling and psychotherapy services in the metropolitan Atlanta-Marietta area. I am honored to partner with my clients on their journeys of hope and resourcefulness.

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A Supportive Counseling Relationship

Perhaps you, like many others who seek counseling, have difficulty at times achieving what you want out of life. When we cannot reach our goals by ourselves, counseling can help. My clients tell me that through the unbiased support of our counseling relationship and the respectful, caring environment I provide, they feel accepted and understood. They further share that these experiences inspire their process toward positive change.

In addition to providing a welcoming environment, I help my clients move forward by encouraging mastery over their circumstances. We work together as a team to discover and change old patterns and beliefs that stand in the way of personal goals. When individuals recognize that they are not alone in solving their concerns, they find the willingness to challenge themselves in new ways—opening the door for success and increased confidence.

Should you decide to be part of this empowering process, we will investigate the mind, body, spirit connection and how you can achieve your best overall health. You will learn how to create balance in your life, calm your mind and increase your energy. As part of this holistic approach, we will also build on your strengths and values, enhancing your natural tendency toward personal growth.

I look forward to helping you with counseling and psychotherapy services in the metropolitan Atlanta-Marietta area.

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  • Experience a respectful, caring environment
  • Discover and change self-defeating patterns and beliefs
  • Learn to master your circumstances
  • Enhance your natural tendency toward personal growth
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Individualized Approach

Each of us has had experiences that hold individualized meaning. I appreciate this uniqueness among people and therefore encourage clients to teach me about their specific needs, beliefs, and circumstances. As I gain a more complete understanding, I tailor...

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Responses to Stress

We all have an innate ability to feel good about ourselves and understand what is best for our well-being. In the face of life's challenges, however, we can sometimes begin to doubt our resilience and capabilities. We might start to feel dissatisfied...

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How Counseling Can Help

The counseling process can be a springboard to creating the life you want. Through this process, you will gain various skills that support your efforts toward positive change. When clients desire better relationships at work or in their personal lives, for example, we...

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